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Judith Hornok & „The Emotional Hinderers“

The Concept of The Emotional Hinderers by Judith Hornok®

The Concept of the Emotional Hinderers by Judith Hornok

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In her worldwide research, the author and journalist Judith Hornok has repeatedly observed that people and emotions are similar almost everywhere in the world. Hardly anyone is free from emotions and feelings, which is why all of our lives are significantly influenced by them.

Emotions are common to all people, and so is the problem: very few can recognize their feelings, even fewer can analyze them and very few talk openly about them. The idea that many things become “better” through talking is well known – but nothing divides humanity more than the “common” language. One wrong word, gesture, facial expression, posture and a simple misunderstanding becomes a real problem.

During her numerous interviews, business meetings and in normal everyday situations, Judith Hornok has observed which emotions and feelings are particularly negative and turn people into aggressors. In the course of these studies, she defined 7 emotional hinderers, which are especially strong and have a particularly strong impact on life.

In order to solve the language problem mentioned, Judith Hornok chose a completely new approach; the idea behind it is to provide these “emotional hinderers” with descriptive attributes and to visualize them. She envisioned each and every emotion as an imaginary creature, a personality in its own right that affects life, and gave them something anyone can understand: a face, a body, and a character. She virtually brought the 7 Emotional Hinderers to life; to become real characters who come face to face with you.

The special thing about these figures is that with the help of an artistic rendering of these “7 Emotional Hinders” people can be helped immediately on a non-verbal level. A picture says a thousand words – a figure expresses even more.

The point is well known – many people just don't want to talk about their negative emotions, even feel offended when they are asked about them. But no one can be angry with an artistic fantasy figure; such a figure will not provoke aggression. On the contrary – you can smile or even laugh about them. Simply placed on the table, the character can absorb the negative emotion and thus de-escalate the critical situation – the other person may be surprised, but will forget their own negative emotions, at least for the moment. The first step towards a more peaceful coexistence has been taken.

For this reason, the “7 Emotional Hinderers” are almost playfully changeable – they have a serious and a hopeful side. Negative emotions and feelings can be transformed into positive energy. As is well known, life has its playful sides, and we can use them every day if we recognize and understand them.

Who are the “The Emotional Hinderers”?
The Concept of The Emotional Hinderers by Judith Hornok®

Who can use these figures?

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